Welcome to ASUlisings.com.  We help Students, Parents of Students, Investors, Faculty & the Everyday Buyer purchase real estate in the Downtown Tempe and Arizona State University Area.  We hope that you will find this website useful while exploring the many options that are in this area.  Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or to schedule a showing.

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Condos and Townhomes near ASU

The "ASU Condo Map" is how ASUlistings.com got started.  We wanted to provide a way for clients, as well as ourselves, to become more familiar with all of the condo/townhome options and their proximity to the ASU Main Campus.  We have recently added a ton more condos and have organized them by distance.  In all, we have mapped-out 89 condo/townhome complexes that are within 3 miles of campus.  Condos and Townhomes are the most popular choice for students and parents due to their affordability and low-maintenance.

Interactive Google Map of Condos and Townhomes
(27) within 1/2 Mile of ASU Campus
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all ASU Area Condos and Towhomes

Interactive Google Map of Condos and Townhomes
(30) from 1/2 mile to 1 mile from ASU Campus
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Interactive Google Map of Condos and Townhomes
(32) from 1 to 3 mile from ASU Campus
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All Properties near ASU

Here we have separated the area surrounding ASU into 5 geographic regions.  This helps us with our marketing efforts and also helps in communicating with our clients.  We hope that you will find it useful while trying to determine which areas and properties will be suitable to your needs.  Below is a small version of the map we have created.  Click a colored area and then choose either "Condos/Townhomes" or "Single Family Homes" on the menu that appears.  To see the full size version choose "All ASU Properties" from the top menu or Click Here.

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Here's a List of All Condos and Townhomes You'll find on ASUlistings.com: